Tourists throw snowballs at Hangzhou Zoo lions

Tourists throw snowballs at Hangzhou Zoo lions

January 08, 2013 / by / 10 Comments

Tourists throw snowballs at Hangzhou Zoo lions

January 5, 2013

Hangzhou, Zhejiang — Tourists were caught on camera throwing snowballs at a pair of lions at the Hangzhou Zoo. Captured by microbloggers, the story has garnered over 24,000 comments and had been reblogged more than 75,000 times within two days. Netizens condemned the actions of the tourists, with one saying the actions were “lacking in humanity and devoid of morality.”

Tourists throw snowballs at Hangzhou Zoo lions

In response to the outrage, the Hangzhou Zoo released an official statement on its microblog, calling for its visitors to respect the animals because “they are our friends.”

Tourists throw snowballs at Hangzhou Zoo lions

The statement did nothing to cool the anger of bloggers, who then questioned the management of the zoo, including the treatment of the lions. User meow_Minnie commented, “Do they know that they are tropical animals? Why is it when there is snow the animals are outdoors and there is nowhere to hide?” Others suggested putting glass walls to protect the animals.

On the 7th, an official from the Hangzhou Zoo spoke to a Xinhua reporter, saying that they were unaware of this incident. He also added that while they did not support these actions towards their animals, the zoo itself does not have law enforcement units to prevent such incidents from happening. “Further, we will strengthen inspections of our zoo and appeal to the civilized side of our visitors.”

Tourists throw snowballs at Hangzhou Zoo lions

Tourists throw snowballs at Hangzhou Zoo lions

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    Who is animal?

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  3. ferrara

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    Jan.15.2013 at 4:02 AM
    • Alexander Tereshkevich

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      Jan.15.2013 at 6:45 AM
      • ferrara

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